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Avocado varieties & why should one plant complementing types.

Are you one of those who wonder why a 17 year old, healthy & vigorous avocado tree, isn't fruiting?

Well, you aren't alone. There are lots of reasons for this…And many people wonder why!

Discover how to harvest avocados from trees in 1.5 years or less, after planting.

Around 1000 different avocado varieties are recorded. They are all either Type A or Type B flowering.

The A variety flowers open female in the morning of day one. The flower closes around mid-day, and remains closed till mid-day next & then reopens as male.

B varieties open as female in the afternoon of the first day, close in late afternoon, and re-open in the male phase, next morning.

This is also very important in helping early & abundant yields, but one needs to complement it with more good practices.

To help all clients in their quest for the best results, we pledge, irrevocably, to give continued support & for as long as required.

Cracking Orchardists & Gardeners!

Practise these simple principles. Enhance pollination by creative management and harvest heaps of avocados.

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Home gardeners & commercial orchardists alike, can apply these astonishing High Density Planting -HDP- principles & other good management techniques & get astounding results.

This AvoPro recommendation is based upon deep & critical inspection of free-floating data & our own observations during the past 4 years.

Take a look at here, a hugely authoritative study of avocado –HDP- method. It’s totally amazing & is presented by an eager orchardist & university professor. Come back to this page by simply closing the recommended sites & pages.

Commercial orchardists can dramatically increase yield per hectare. Please contact us for detailed information.

Some might like to discover more about avocado flowering & the crucial importance of planting Pollinizors & having Pollinators... Yes, there is a distinction.

More about Avocado Pollination

All following A & B varieties & more are offered by AvoPro.

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A Selection of 8 AvoPro avocado varieties.

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Crazy Avocentrics & Tree Lovers!

Do you have space for an average shrub or a small tree? Well, you can plant a combination of avo trees --all in one spot-- and still harvest abundantly. A tiny patch of garden is ample space for growing 4 / 8 mutually complementing avocado trees.

Plant -- snugly close together-- like we do & see the rewarding results.

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"True; you need more than just buying trees to grow them successfully. Rest assured; we are with you -- at every step -- right to picking your first fruits and beyond..."

"Highly recommended; order The Mini eBook and then as you progress in your avocado venture, get all the support info-packs as well. They are worth every penny."

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We specialize in HDP avocado orchard design, implementation & management services, as well as, serving the bang up home gardener! Again, you can always get back to AvoPro for support & help, even if you purchase one single plant.

Tree lovers & Commercial growers--Please contact Houshang & discover how you may apply these principles & dramatically increase your yield-profitability.

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Our Beautiful Avocado Plants

Mini Avocado Trees at 1.5 years, Fruiting Already!

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Our Beautiful Avocado Plants

Our Beautiful Avocado Plants

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