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avopro trees two years later

Less than 2 years later: "We've just eaten our first avocado.
Absolutely delicious!"

Avocados: Why Is It Best to Grow Different Varieties?

Are you one of those who wonder why a 17 year old, healthy & vigorous avocado tree, isn't fruiting? Well, you are not alone. There are lots of reasons for this…And many people wonder why!

Why Mini Avocado Trees? 

The "mini avocado trees" came along way back in 2003 -2005. The story is; some of the tiny trees in their original small nursery bags flowered, and I cross-pollinated them by hand, using a soft paint brush! Most of these trees - under 1 m high - produced so many fruitlets that I had to prune many of them to save the tree. Two or three fruit were left to grow, and of course as a nurseryman, I attended to them on a daily basis. Lo and behold! Small avocado trees with large and perfectly normal avocados hanging from them in just a few months! A guy from the local news paper got to see them. He was so pleasantly surprised and shocked that he exclaimed "mini avocado trees"! He published this novelty and - peopl like you - came along to, order! The name "mini avocado trees" stuck and I'm very grateful to him ... And, of course, folks like you. Thank You 

Discover how to harvest avocados from trees in just one and a half years or less, after planting. This is possible and we just want All our client-friends know the facts but we do Not recommend this practice for home growers! The avopro guys produce such trees fruiting in their small bags for demonstration purposses every year. Do you just love to have something unique? Your wish is our command. To get early fruiting or Large Avocado Trees, please email or call us. Thank you.

Thousands of different avocado varieties are recorded. They are all either Type A or Type B flowering. The A variety flowers open female in the morning of day one. The flower closes around mid-day, and remains closed till mid-day next & then reopens as male. B varieties open as female in the afternoon of the first day, close in late afternoon, and re-open in the male phase, next morning. This is also very important in helping early & abundant yields, but one needs to complement it with more good practices.

To help all client-friends in their quest for the best results, we pledge, irrevocably, to give continued support and for as long as required. 

Did you know or mini avocado ltd trees are grown from Zutano rootstock and grafted from selective, high yield and indexed mother trees? Every year, the production lines and random samples are tested for diseases by independent, industry approved laboratories. In addition we cull all trees which do not meet the highest standards. The guys are a small family company but they are helped by world-class experts from all over the globe to keep offering a better and better service. At present they are researching the effects of certain root-stock on the flowering time of different varieties by a well known professor in NZ. And, No he is not being paid. He just does it for the love helping folks in the South Island grow avocados more successfuly and for helping this family business. 

Cracking Orchardists & Gardeners!

Practise these simple principles. Enhance pollination by creative management and harvest heaps of avocados.

avocado planting guide

Home gardeners & commercial orchardists alike, can apply these astonishing High Density Planting -HDP- principles & other good management techniques & get astounding results.

This AvoPro recommendation is based upon deep & critical inspection of free-floating data & our own observations during the past 18 years.

Download the PDF here, a hugely authoritative study of avocado –HDP- method. It’s totally amazing & is presented by an eager orchardist & university professor. Come back to this page by simply closing the recommended sites & pages.

Commercial orchardists can dramatically increase yield per hectare. Please contact us for detailed information.

Some might like to discover more about avocado flowering & the crucial importance of planting Pollinizors & having Pollinators... Yes, there is a distinction.

 All following A & B varieties & more are offered by AvoPro

avopro avocado varieties

A selection of some of AvoPro Exclusive avocado varieties follows: 


avopro abe hass avocados

Above: The Abe variety on the left, and a large Hass, on the right 

 Sabaavopro saba variety

Saba avocado variety on the left is thought to be cold tolerant. The Hass on right is for comparison.

The avopro guys have more avocado varieties than any other nursery in NZ! They are updating this site and more varieties - many of which have been kept a secret till now - will follow soon ... For the first time ever.

Crazy Avocentrics & Tree Lovers!

Do you have space for an average shrub or a small tree? Well, you can plant a combination of avo trees --all in one spot-- and still harvest abundantly. A tiny patch of garden is ample space for growing 4 / 8 mutually complementing avocado trees. Plant - snugly close together-- like we do & see the rewarding results.

avopro avocado planting diagram

"True - you need more than just buying trees to grow them successfully.
Rest assured - we are with you - at every step - right to picking your first fruits and beyond..."

"Highly recommended - order The Mini eBook and then as you progress in your avocado venture, get all the support info-packs as well. They are worth every penny."

Did you know this unique avocado site is a home business run by a Kiwi family? It's more about joy than business. Thought you might like to know. Oh! It's really about bringing joy to friend-clients, as well as us, through this service. Cheers

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"Your magnificent trees have just arrived!! Well packed, carefully delivered, and great looking trees."