testimonials avo "You get the Supreme Award for customer liaison - before I've even spent a cent!"

Richard Green

testimonials avo
 "Your magnificent trees have just arrived!!  Well packed, carefully delivered, and great looking trees - includes Sheppard....Many thanks."



testimonials avo "The trees arrived this am, and they are in beautiful condition and beautifully packed for safety and support, well done! Many thanks."

 Maree Howson


avopro BC Barte Laurie

testimonials avo "Through your work in developing heritage material it does raise our hopes - this gaining one more important healthy food source for our future. I am sure one day you will enjoy the accolades from our horticultural fraternity you deserve."

Malcolm Cameron

testimonials avo "I love the idea of being able to grow my own avocados, thank you for your very thorough explanation, your system is ingenious, and I appreciate your passion for your business, it is so rare these days."

Liz Bradley

testimonials avo "Your company, knowledge and advice are greatly appreciated. We have planted our trees and hope the planting meets with your approval."

Margaret Chambers

testimonials avo "The booklet is soooo... useful. It's my avobible and I read every day. Thanks a lot for it. "

Lilac Liping Guthrie

testimonials avo "Happy days. Sandra here … enjoying the holidays, and being out in the garden. Today I am very proud to report to you that I have 6 beautifully forming wee avocados on my biggest avocado tree (which is still small). Whilst having seen - in real life - your trees bearing fruit even in their bags, I still doubted my trees. So it was with much delight to find all these beauties growing about a week ago now … Wow, to grow my own avocado will be a real achievement, and so soon!"

Sandra Walker