Mini Avocado Trees Now for Sale in Australia

Reserve 2 varieties of beautiful 2yr old avocado trees for later delivery, from Avopro Australian Nursery in NSW.

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AvoPro 6-Pack

$ 142.60 Weight: 2 kg

The Now Famous "6-Pack"

Young Mini Avocado Trees are just like Babies ... Please help them grow in a more balanced way. Jump-Start their growth & help'm establish Fast.

What is offered here is first tested on our own trees. If it works, and only then, we recommend it. The "6-Pack" came into being after 15 years of trying to recover some badly set-back trees. We were shocked to find dead trees springing back to life and activity. Some clients were asked to try it too. The results were astonishing and we are certain the "6-Pack" helps your young and sensitive trees.

Please Note: Ordering the "6-Pack" separately, includes a courier charge of $9.20 and comes to: $154.10 including GST. Thank You


Here's what you're getting:

 Avopro 6pack destresser mist  

 1. De-Stresser Mist

Special brew of sea-plant extracts, amino acids ...Helps trees overcome planting stresses ... Helps recovery from excess heat, cold, dry spells ... $32.20

 Avopro super charged tree food  

2. Super-Charged Tree Food

Enough to last 4 trees for 3 years ... Finely Balanced nutrients for avocados ... Best used regularly but in small amounts, as per recommendations in the "6-Pack" application rates info-paper. Please email us.  

Just $29.90

 Avopro Avo Growth Enzyme  

3. Avo Growth Enzyme

Proteins & balanced nutrition for fruit trees ... Feeds good soil micro-organisms too, thereby helps your trees twice ... 


 Avopro plant growth booster  

4 Plant Growth Booster

Fast action micro-elements for avocados. Easily taken by young shoots, leaves & roots ... Please use strictly according to recommended doses. Ask for "Application rate" document. 



5 Electronic pH Meter

Best acidity range for avocados is around pH 6.5

What's the one single tool I recommend for avos?

This too, is a must.Only $27.60 Get it!

 Avopro Mycorrhizea Fulcrum  

6 Mycorrhizea Fulcrum

A selection of natural and living micro-organisms. Helps protect roots, fights off dis-eases ... They even improve clay soils' structure ... 

$6.00 each (4 included in the "6-pack"). 

We recommend this for every new planting. If you are ordering more than 4 trees, please remember to order one for each extra tree. Better still, email us. Thank you

Above items are priced & sold at $186.30 (Courier + GST) 

But you don't need to pay anything near that: $186.30

Order here & now, and get it for only $154.10 -- includes courier and gst

You Save a Whopping $32.20

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